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The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear.

Designed in Monaco, 209 Mare brings you a new concept in luxury beachwear. We elevate men’s and women’s beachwear to a new level of elegance and push the boundaries of what beachwear can be. We don’t just defy the rules when it comes to making luxury beachwear, we set the new standard.

Men's Luxury Beach Club Apparel

Liberate yourself from ordinary beachwear. This is beachwear elevated to a new level of elegance and luxury. It starts with a unique idea and continues with a relentless effort to choose the most exclusive fabrics and details in order to unlock what creative luxury beachwear should be. Welcome to the new Standard in Luxury Beachwear.


Women's Luxury Beach Club Apparel

The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear has arrived for Women. The 209 Towel Tuxedo for Women takes the 209 Concept of elevating beachwear to a new level of elegance and luxury and gives you a more sophisticated way to dress when at a Beach Club or a Yacht. Stand out from a line-up of bikinis and break the rules in style this summer.


209 Luxury Swimwear Collection

The 209 Luxury Swimwear collection has been designed to revive the heritage of luxury beachwear in design and purpose by interpreting swimwear from a modern perspective while focusing on details. Stand out in a sea of printed generic swim shorts with the 209 Luxury Swimwear collection that feature chromed accents, contrast piping, and mother-of-pearl buttons imported from Tahiti.

Select from our classic 209 Swim Short collection that features the classic fit with French-parachute cord, or our 209 Swim Trunk collection made with a tailored fit thanks to adjustable side clasps and a zipper closure.


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