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Inspired by the Art Deco era, 209 Mare brings
you the cornerstone foundations
of this decadent era of luxury,
exuberance and glamour,
with a modern-day mentality.

209 Mare elevates men’s luxury beachwear
to a new level of exclusivity and luxury
allowing you to conquer summer’s
exclusive destinations with elegance and poise.

All materials and craftsmanship
were carefully sourced in Italy.




209 Concept

209 Mare represents a new concept in men’s luxury beachwear – one that reinvents what men’s luxury beachwear should be by reviving the heritage of beachwear from the Art Deco era in design and purpose.


We don’t just defy all rules in luxury beachwear, we set new standards in what luxury beachwear should be – in style and in attitude.


This, is the redefinition of men’s luxury beachwear.

Discover the 209 Concept

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209 Beach Blazer

A fashion statement unseen before, the 209 Beach Blazer stands in a category of its own. Conceived to allow you to break the rules in style from dusk to dawn whether on your yacht, by the pool, or at the beach club, our 209 Beach Blazer represents a new concept in men’s luxury beachwear that redefines gentlemen's beachwear style.

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209 Swim Shorts

Inspired by the simplicity yet glamour of the Art Deco era, our 209 Swim Shorts stand to revive the heritage of luxury beachwear in design and purpose. Unlike the ubiquitous swim shorts with prints seen at every beach, our swim shorts are understated with focus on details bold enough to make you stand out when breaking the rules in style.

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