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Yachts, Champagne, and Blazers: The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show

Wednesday 18th October 2017

In late September we had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). We had no idea what we were going to be in for, but we left absolutely astounded by the sheer overwhelming luxury and exuberance we witnessed – in style of course 😉

To be honest we didn’t know what to expect. We woke up on the Tuesday of the Yacht Show and our jaw dropped from seeing the entire Monaco Bay and Harbor filled with yachts like an Indian highway at rush hour. After having seen this we decided that attending the MYS was an absolute must. On the first day of the show, we walked around in awe of the sheer extravagance of what was being sold – from rare woods and imported italian marble for yacht interiors, to roaring beds and private submarines, as well as some exquisite collector watches. There were hundreds of exhibitors present but one of them really made us stop and gaze in amazement.

At one of the stands I saw a Patek Philippe that I really liked that was going to be auctioned in Geneva in November (that’s right, they show you watches for an auction that isn’t even taking place at the show!) – I cautiously asked the vendor if I could try it on, without hesitation at all he took it out of the elephant-rifle proof glass casing and handed it to me with a silk glove. Truly a spectacular timepiece – I asked the price and fuck did I get a response: Let me just say it was seven digits leaning on eight (Euros NOT Pesos).

We moved on to ask to see some of the exhibited motor yachts, all very diverse in size, interior design and extravagance – some conservatively decorated with mahogany wood and barely a Jacuzzi on the sundeck, others with infinity glass pools and helicopter landing ports. One of the jewels of the show was the 70m 2017 M/Y Areti built by renowned german Shipyard Lürssen. We incredibly managed to get a private viewing tour with the Lürssen people the next day – and man, were we were in for a treat…

At 11 am we get picked up on a private Lürssen tender to take us to the M/Y Areti which was berthed at a remote location. We were kindly greeted by a super-hot girl DJ and a saxophonist who was playing exclusively for us while taking us to the yacht. While touring the Areti, I realized that some people surely have too much cabbage, I mean this thing had a Heli port, four swimming pools, submarines and even a competition bike room for about 25 carbon fiber speed bikes (each worth €8k). Not to mention the whole yacht was decked out in Stefano Ricci décor. After an hour and a half of walking up and down stairs, we had had enough. We called for our funky party tender to pick us up. The saxophone player saw our 209 Beach Blazers and decided to wear one as he jammed for us.

In the evening, I was invited to the launch of M/Y Nerissa, the new flagship vessel for Bilgin Yachts. A private cocktail with DJ and on-board sushi chef to cater to ones every whim was naturally present. This vessel was truly stunning as the swimming pool at the stern of the vessel had a glass floor that doubled as a skylight into the master bedroom…quite kinky in my opinion, but cool nonetheless. The cocktail ended late in the evening after the 60 VIP guests had polished off the entire supply of champagne and appetizers. I did not want to leave, but they did not let me stay either… 🙁

The final day was to me as a designer the most inspiring of all. We visited the Perini Navi Shipyards latest vessel: S/Y Seven – a jewel among the Monaco Yacht Show. Thanks to our good friend Lorenzo Perini, we could get a private viewing of what was without a doubt the most stunning yacht at the show. A 60-meter minimalistic yacht designed with a level of class and sophistication that I did not see anywhere else throughout the show.

The inside was decorated with Armani Home décor, the walls were lined with supple suede and the teak deck that stretched for what felt like miles, was truly a delight. It was so pristine that Gabriel even said, “If this was mine, I would never throw a party here”. If it was me, I would throw a Mexican quinceañera party with piñatas hanging from the masts… but that’s an entirely different story.

The yacht was so well designed, and with such class, that it changed my perspective on yachting completely. While all the other motor yachts are kind of like in your face “I’m rich” vessels, this one reserved its wow effect for those that value attention to detail and craftsmanship. To paint you a picture: imagine a yacht built for an Italian lord, that walks around in a blazer with linen pants and a colorful pocket square – that’s what the majestic M/Y Seven represented. Class. Simplicity. Elegance. Just like our 209 Beach Blazer’s 😉

This was truly the grand finale to an amazing yacht show. The sailing yacht by Perini Navi created the illusion in me that if I could ever own a yacht, it would be one like this one.

The 2017 Monaco Yacht Show truly showed us what the top of the top live like and the sheer levels of luxury that exist. We came away having the idea of yachting completely re-shaped for us as we realized that its not necessarily about the size of the Yacht, but about its class and elegance. Just like a gentleman, style is nothing without elegance and class.

Also, we learned that there are hundreds of yachts out there that are still missing the most important piece when it comes to style: a monogrammed iconic 209 Beach Blazer 😉



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