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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Getaway – Marrakech

Saturday 10th February 2018

When it comes to Valentines day this year you can go the traditional route with flowers, a box of chocolates, and dinner (again?) or you can take it up a level and embrace the spirit of 209: Break The Rules in Style.


Surprise her with a romantic getaway that will even make the hottest Instagram influencers jealous and leave her wanting more. By the time you leave you will be the only one she has eyes for, and that’s not just because you two will be the best dressed ;).


So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unconventional – and something that will make you stand out – here’s our guide of how to celebrate Valentines Day in style in Marrakech, Morrocco:


The Destination:

The hometown of Yves Saint Laurent has quickly become a not-so-secret secret that is ripe to visit (like Portugal) before it become too touristy. In Marrakech, known as the ‘Red City’, you can escape as a couple and get completely lost in the smells, taste and sounds of this tightly packed city.

Three things to note when coming here: the food is unbelievable – a perfect mix of spices, Mediterranean fruits, and berber culture inspired cooking methods. Second, the architecture on its own is breathtaking. A combination of tile-colored ‘riad’s’ populating the city, intricately decorated with Moroccan tiles, copper, and Arab-inspired detailing, Marrakech’s buildings will definitely be featured on your Instagram channel within the first few days of your arrival. Lastly, the gardens of Marrakech are on their own worth the trip to Morocco. The Jardin Majorelle, donated by Yves Saint Laurent, is an extensive swath featuring everything that can survive in the arid climate of Morocco, including Cacti, Bamboos (the plant that gives our Beach Blazer that soft feeling), and Palm Trees.

Oh, and make no mistake that Yves Saint Laurent has left his mark on this city. The YSL Museum is perhaps one of the most beautiful museums in the world and deserves a visit on your trip to Marrakech.

The Hotel:

Coming to Marrakech you want as authentic of an experience as possible, so best to stay in a Riad – a traditional Moroccan house that features a courtyard in its center.

The Gold Standard for this has always been the Royal Mansour Marrakech Hotel. It is no wonder why, having been commissioned by King Mohammed VI, it features 53 duplex Riads that are adorned with geometric mosaic tiles, stained glass, and bronze, on top of having every single amenity you can expect of a luxury hotel. You don’t have to worry about privacy as the staff of the Royal Mansour Marrakech travel through the compound through a private subterranean network of passages.

All Riads are decorated with items from Baccarat and Lalique, on top of having silk carpets and crystal chandeliers. As if that wasn’t enough, each villa comes with its own roof terrace with a Bedouin tent and private patio plunge pools – just make sure you go to the pool properly dressed for a venue like this. Oh, and no need to worry about lack of service, as each villa has 10 staff assigned to it.

What to do:

You could do the traditional and go visit the souks and the gardens (as well as that incredible YSL museum), and you should do all of that, but if you want something a bit more special and romantic we suggest the following.

Go have dinner in the dessert. The starry nights of Morocco aren’t known for nothing, and the millions of stars you will find here at night are breathtaking. Head out to the Agafay Dessert where you can have an incredible Moroccan dinner prepared just for you and your partner for a magical atmosphere and a night that will be remember for years to come.

Since one of Morocco’s incredible things to discover is its cuisine (try the tajine at some point when you visit), try to also plan a rooftop dinner in Marrakech. Unlike being in the dessert, you will be captivated by both the magical sky as well as the hustle and bustle of Marrakech in the background.


Surprise Her With:

If you want to take it one step further, then take her for a hot balloon ride over Marrakech. Make sure to plan it during the evening to catch the sunset. Surprise her with a bottle of Dom Perignon and celebrate your love as you float over this truly incredible city.

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