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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Getaway – Hawaii

Saturday 10th February 2018

When it comes to Valentines day this year you can go the traditional route with flowers, a box of chocolates, and dinner (again?) or you can take it up a level and embrace the spirit of 209: Break The Rules in Style.


Surprise her with a romantic getaway that will even make the hottest Instagram influencers jealous and leave her wanting more. By the time you leave you will be the only one she has eyes for, and that’s not just because you two will be the best dressed at the beach ;).


So, if you’re looking for something in the US, here’s our guide of how to celebrate Valentines Day in style:


The Destination:

Lanai is one of the more underrated islands of Hawaii – and that is a good thing. This means it is still one of the few places where you can escape to, without being trapped by typical tourist spots. Being the smallest publicly-accessible Island in the chain has given it the nick-name of the “private isle” – that, and the fact that Larry Ellison owns 97% of the island.

So you can be sure that you wont run into anyone you know here. So on top of getting the usual perks of Hawaii, such as endless sun, incredible food and spas, you also get to post on your Instagram that you went to your “private isle”.


The Hotel:

Even though there are only two hotels on the entire island, you don’t have to worry, because the Four Seasons Resort Lanai is perfect to the tee. Thanks to a recent multi-million dollar renovation, this resort has everything you need: breath-taking ocean views, 45 private suites (with in-suite spa treatments), a private adults-only lagoon, and its own Nobu restaurant (points for that).

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget that the Four Seasons also has an 18-hole golf course designed by the iconic Golf maverick Jack Nicklaus – the only golf course in all of Hawaii from where you have views on the ocean from every hole.

On top of state-of-the-art rooms fit for the Maldives, this is one of the few locations where you can enjoy your time as a couple in privacy – be it on the beach or one of the amazing viewpoints from the hiking trails you can take.

What to do:

Besides lounging on the beach and having a glass of champagne as the sun sets, Lanai has quite a few things to offer. Surprise her by taking her whale watching, or even better, take a dive in the ocean and go scuba diving to see the pristine corals and marine life, that like Lanai, is just as untouched and free of tourists. Or, take a hike to Puuhepe from the resort, a Manele Bay landmark with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean that is often frequented by spinner dolphins.


Surprise Her With:

If you really want to take it to the next level (in case the above isn’t enough), fly her out via private jet to Hawaii. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that. Luckily the Four Seasons Resort has you covered thanks to its partnership with NetJets. Not only will they fly you out via private jet and give you one of their ocean front suites, but they will also take you off-roading through Lanai’s fishing villages and ocean cliffs (and also Larry Elisson’s back yard). On top of that you get to take a private cruise on a 50 foot luxury catamaran  around the islands at night to gaze at the stars – that should be romantic enough, no?

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