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The Style Concierge 209 Mare – The Neon Red Swim Short

Monday 16th April 2018

Many have asked us to write a blog, giving some advice on how to combine and style your summer wardrobe, so we decided to put together a weekly blog series called The Style Concierge by 209 mare, where we give you our take on what the best summer outfits for different occasions are. So, here is our first feature – The Neon Red 209 Swim Shorts. The inspiration for today’s post came from @Melikkam’s outfit when he was wearing our Neon Red 209’s in Turkey.

It goes without saying that a white button down linen shirt or a plain white t-shirt would go well, but let’s take it a step further, to a more advanced level. We think that the way to go this summer is actually with a more formal blue button down or t-shirt. Blue is more formal and we like how it pairs with a pair of our 209 Neon Red Swim Shorts. The white piping accents on the shorts complete the simple yet elegant look in red white and blue. Besides – star artist Jasper Johns designed the most recognizable flag in the world in those colors, the American flag. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this color combination.


For the button down, look no further than Uniqlo’s summer pique button down in midnight blue. If a t-shirt is more your kind of vibe, we recommend the fitted navy-blue kind with a pocket. The best ones you can find at J Crew or Barneys.

Finally, check out these badass Swims shoes, from the picture below. They are waterproof and go perfectly with this look, adding a touch of character to your look, plus you don’t have to worry about stepping on pointy rocks when saving a drowning puppy from the sea.

Next week we will show you how to combine jewelry with your Beach Blazer (The Watch Special).


***The Style Concierge is a new service by 209 Mare, so if you need any style tips, beach club recommendations or want the insight for the best places to break the rules in style this summer, contact us at [email protected] or call/message us at +33 (0)6 72 00 76 05!***

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