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The Most Exclusive Getaway on the Mediterranean?

Monday 4th June 2018

Welcome to Tagomago Private Island located 800 meters from Ibiza.


We have been looking for the absolutely most exclusive destination in all of the Mediterranean – one that you won’t even see on a luxury travel blog. Sure – you will think: What is more exclusive than a super yacht or a five-star hotel in Saint Tropez or Monaco? Truth is however there is a hidden gem that very few know of, it is beyond exclusive and only the worlds most refined billionaires and celebrities know and swear by this place.


We present Tagomago Island: a €250,000 a week 600,000 square meter island whose very short but exclusive list of clients include Justin Bieber, Ronny Wood, Gareth Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

One of the Most Exclusive Private Islands in the World

Tagomago has a breath-taking 5-room private luxury villa, that comes catered with every whim you could need. A private chef, a full staff of housekeeping and butlers, and even a private driver so that you can roam around the island. The island even comes with a pair of jet-skis and a tender with a driver to take you to Ibiza. But why take a tender when you can even land on the island with your own helicopter? The 24-hour concierge will make sure to take care of all your needs, and to cool down in the afternoon you have a 145 square meter private swimming pool perfect for hosting your own pool party. However, if you then feel like having a proper party head to Ibiza.

Ibiza - The Mediterranean Playground of the High-Summer

Ibiza: The island that hosts the most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion by Paco Roncero, and where beach clubs are so exclusive you have to book your day-bed months in advance. Night clubs such as Lio, where the bar vanishes underground only to turn into a cabaret with dancers swinging above the tables, are some of the best of the world. One can say that Ibiza is the playground of the eccentric billionaire. If you want to see where the rich and famous go in mid-summer, this is it.


What makes this particular vacation feature so special is the fact that you can live all the craziness of the party life in Ibiza without having to sleep in it. Once sunrise hits and you’re ready to go home just call up the private tender or your chopper and head back to Tagomago Island to your private oasis in the Balearics. An escape from the surreal to the unimaginable. Spend the day and night hopping from bay to bay visiting beach clubs such as Blue Marlin or El Chiringuito, only to be able to come back to your own island where you can play by your own rules- no neighbors, so it is up to the limits of your imagination what you can do.


If that is too “normal” for you, you can use your private chopper to land on the dance floor of Nikki Beach if you so desire. This €250,000 per week private island comes with something you can’t buy on Ibiza: privacy. No neighbors, no paparazzi and no one to tell you what to do. True freedom is the ultimate luxury and at Tagomago you can have both the freedom of ultimate privacy and the liberty of the best parties and restaurants next door in Ibiza.


Break The Rules In Style.

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