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An Epic Party in Saint Tropez- The Story Behind the 209 SS18 Campaign

Friday 18th May 2018

What do Nikki Beach, a 1/99 Mercedes Maybach Landaulet, a 55’ design yacht by VanDutch and two of the world’s leading fashion bloggers have in common?


The 209 Mare SS18 Campaign.


April 30th and May 1st Chiara Bransi and Tom Claeren undertook the daunting task to direct, produce, and star in the latest 209 Mare Film. At this point it has become a tradition that every year in May we launch our yearly film production. In lieu of our new collection dropping in May, for both men and women, we needed to get the right girl on board this project. Thanks to Tom, we were able to get Chiara- Germany’s sweetheart. In addition, we were able to land the G-Wagon Landaulet, which is rarer than a comet landing on your mother in law (the last one sold for 1.3 million euros, the owner told us he had to interview in order for them to accept his money) and the sleek and modern VanDutch yacht. Pair that with two Nikki Beach partnerships (Nikki Beach Monaco and Nikki Beach Saint Tropez) and you get an incredible set and storyline.

The film starts by showing Tom atop the Monaco rooftop pool of Nikki Beach on the Fairmont tower. He dives in for a leisurely swim and when he comes out, he uses the new 209 Towel Tuxedo to dry himself off. He walks over to the bar to order a drink, when all the sudden a blonde bombshell appears (Chiara). She gives him a cheeky look as she glides by on her way to the pool. Tom rests on his day bed and observes as she comes back out, being the gentleman that he is, he walks over and offers her a towel tuxedo, similar to his, in order to start a conversation with her. The two hit it off over lunch and he joins her on her day bed. As he is getting closer to her, he receives a phone call from his good friend, ruining the moment. His friend is over at Nikki Beach, Saint Tropez where the weather is better, the party is louder, and the champagne is plenty. During the call, the guy on the other end tells Tom to join him at this “crazy party” and gives him a deadline of one hour to get there. It normally takes 20 min by helicopter, an hour and a half by car or just over an hour on a fast boat. Tom takes on the challenge and uses the most extreme means to get there via chauffer and then speed boat. In the speed boat, he keeps an arsenal of clothes for all occasions, so obviously he is going to deck himself and Chiara out in the latest limited edition “Brando” Towel Tuxedo. In the meantime, the party in Saint Tropez escalates. When the two arrive, there is a moment of euphoria amongst the group. The party continues in the late afternoon, the dancing gets heavy and the champagne never ends. Ultimately Tom introduces Chiara to his group of friends and is able to leave with her at the end of the day to spend some alone time together beachside.

There are special effects like rapid zoom, slow motion, and others in the film. It took a few long days of shooting across the French Riviera, cameramen on skateboards and an entire crew of 12 models, friends, and socialites to participate in the party scene at Nikki Beach Saint Tropez. Nonetheless, one of the highlights apart from seeing the new SS18 collection revealed was the participation of Chiara Bransi, who looked stunning and spent two days in a bikini even when it was incredibly cold to shoot in the mornings. She even went as far as to go swimming in 15-degree water. So- thank you Chiara. The other highlight was obviously the toys- the car, and absolute rarity, the yacht, the watches (sponsored by Hublot). As soon as we started designing the project, businesses of luxury products wanted to be a part of this production, with Tom and Chiara behind the project, it was always going to be huge.


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