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How to Pull off a Blazer at the Beach

Saturday 6th May 2017

The days of complacency in men’s fashion are long gone. Every day we see new extravagant trends and an ever-growing repertoire of designer garments. How does one determine which trends are timeless in their aesthetic, yet bold enough to stand out? How does one break the mould to redefine conventional beach clothing? And how does one channel the elegance, style and attitude of a modern gentleman through the clothing that he wears? The answer lies in sartorial versatility.

Take a traditional sports jacket or blazer, if you will – a garment that has proven its worth over the ages. It is an elegant piece for a variety of functions – Office wear, weddings, cocktail events, and as a day-to-day essential for any gentleman. Why not utilise the blazer as your go-to essential during your summer vacations, when moving from water/beach settings to a sit-down lunch or afternoon glass of rosé?

Picture yourself sailing the Mediterranean coastline on a yacht of your choice and plunging into the sea from the aft deck, only to get back on deck to a towel and a t-shirt. Let’s replace both with a water-friendly blazer, one that is lined with the softest and most absorbent bamboo terry towelling. Not only will you be the best-dressed gentleman for miles, but also you’ll be able to step off the deck of the vessel and sit down at Nikki Beach for lunch without missing a beat. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine along with the smooth lounge tunes being spun by the local DJ. Become the centre of attention on the most exclusive beaches in the world.

How do you pull this off? Easy. Before disembarking the yacht for the club, put on a monochromatic, button-down linen shirt, leaving the first three buttons open. Pair this with some casual loafers – or better yet, not shoes at all – and pop in a linen pocket square to finish the look. No need to change your swim trunks, as they will have dried by now. We recommend using the swim shorts from 209 Mare, as their clean design and unparalleled attention to detail allow your blazer to shine. Use the water-resistant 209 Mare embroidered pouch that comes with shorts to keep your personal belongings in check. For the following day, change the shorts and the shirt. You will be the centre of attention thanks to your good taste. Oh! Don’t forget your tortoise-shell Persol sunglasses to evoke a sense of timeless style. That’s how to wear a blazer at the beach. Voila!

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