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209 Guide: Nikki Beach Monaco – What to Wear, How to Get In, and What to Order

Thursday 5th April 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly twenty years since Jack Penrod opened the first Nikki Beach – “the original luxury beach club concept that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one”. This past week one of the most famous locations, and our favorite weekend hang-out spot opened up once again. On the 29th of March Nikki Beach Monaco re-opened its doors, marking the beginning of the beach club season and the start of the summer in Monaco.

Nikki Beach Monaco, the upper echelon of daylight glamour, is amongst the favourites of the rich and famous. It is not only the place to be seen, but also the place to view the Monaco Grand Prix from. Its rooftop views span over the famous “Fairmont” hairpin giving you a perfect viewing spot of the F1 cars speeding around the most prestigious race track on the F1 circuit. There is no better place to binge on champagne and truffled sliders than Nikki Beach on Gran Prix weekend come end of May. As a matter of fact, throughout the entire summer there is no better place to be in Monaco during the day.

One of the reasons this is such a highly regarded venue is due to its entertainment factor. There are daily theme parties for which the staff dress up and hire professional dancers, some days dressed as Greek gods and goddesses, other days as Indian bombshells. People seem to embrace the lifestyle of free spirited socialites when they go there.


Imagine Burning Man on a rooftop in Monaco with bottle service and some of Europe’s most elite models walking around in bikinis…


High profile DJs lay on lounge beats while groups of incredibly good-looking people gather around one of the finest Shisha’s the Mediterranean has to offer. So when you come to this nirvana in the middle of Monaco, make sure that you come with the right attitude and style. Thankfully we’ve prepared a guide so that you arrive like you’ve already been a life-long guest.

What to Wear - Guys

Being the luxury capital of the world you want to dress to impress. Beachwear is what you want to wear, but it needs to be the right one. For guys, do not come wearing board shorts or surfer swim shorts. Pair a solid colour buttoned short, that looks more elegant than a baggy t-shirt, with a proper pair well tailored swim shorts. When looking at swim shorts make sure to keep the fit right with an inseam of no more than 6 inches, and the design European without being too brash. If you are looking for a pair to bring to Nikki Beach today, look no further than our 209 Swim Shorts, which we can deliver in Monaco within 2 hours. Just give us a call or email us!

Make sure to bring a watch to fit the scene, so we recommend a Rolex GMT-Master II or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – both subtle watches but ones that won’t go unnoticed. Sunglasses are a must so we recommend bring a pair of Persol or Tom Ford, which if you forgot to bring a pair, you can buy them across the street from Nikki at the Metropole Shopping Center.


However, if you really want to be the centre of attention at Nikki Beach Monaco, get yourself something special and unique that only the elite have, something that separates the boys from the men. Nothing says playboy more than a Beach Blazer. While the velvet lapel is reminiscent of a James Bond worthy tux, the bamboo towel lining dries you off when you step out of Nikki’s pool. In terms of shoes, don’t wear flip flops – they are cheap and there are dozens of better options like a pair of Swims shoes, a pair of Tod’s loafers, or even a pair of the Gucci fur-lined Mules.

What to Wear - Girls

For the women a designer bikini set or even a one-piece with metal accents will get you the attention you want as you sip a glass of rosé on one of Nikki’s day beds. If you’re looking a good place to shop for one, and some accessories, check out our friends in Monaco: Loona MC, located by the beaches, and Monte-Carlo Forever, located in the Metropole Shopping Center. Both of them will be able to get you the sunglasses and shoes you need for Nikki Beach.

How to Get In

Nikki Beach is located on the rooftop of the Fairmont Hotel and is open every day and the best time to arrive is around noon/1 PM, however preferably on the weekend and when there is plenty of sun out. While you can try your luck and just show up and ask for a table, they are not guaranteed for walk-in’s. What we recommend therefore is to always make a reservation for a pool-side table, which have two couches, enough for up to 6 people.  To get a table you have to order a minimum of a magnum-sized bottle, but that starts with a magnum of rosé which costs €140, which is reasonable. Once you have your table there is no need to move until the sun sets as Nikki has everything you need from food, shisha, entertainment, and the best rooftop vibes in Monaco.

What to Order

Rosé is what you want to order when you’re at Nikki Beach Monaco. Not only because you’re on the French Riviera, but also because it is cooled and perfect for a warm day in Monaco. If not Rosé, order a bottle of champagne. While you could order a bottle of Grey Goose or Tanqueray, which would also work for Nikki, a glass of Rosé looks best in everyone’s hands.


While you’re there also make sure to order a shisha. Nikki makes hands down the best shisha’s in Monaco and it is quintessential to the Nikki Beach experience. The shishas they serve come in fruit bowls, meaning you can smoke out of either a grapefruit, pineapple, or, if you want to go all out, even a watermelon – expect that last one to easily last you 4 hours. If you get hungry, Nikki Beach serves some of the best sushi in Monaco, or order one of their truffle sliders. However, our favourite for a hot day at Nikki is a fruit platter served on a bed of ice with a mini Magnum ice cream to cool you down.


For those of you flocking to this mad day-dream, all summer long, we salute you! May you Break the Rules in Style. Don’t forget that yours truly is the world’s premier Beach Club attire outfitter, so don’t forget your Beach Blazer and brazen 209 Attitude. Enjoy Responsibly.


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