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A New Era In Men’s Beachwear

Monday 13th November 2017

Men’s beachwear has been a stagnant industry for decades now because of one critical reason: lack of innovation and variety. When was the last time you saw a men’s beachwear brand come out with a completely new product? Every beachwear brand creates the same items for men: swim shorts at first, which are then followed by shirts and then by a variety of accessories, some of which are sometimes bewildering in their existence and purpose, making them completely irrelevant to the brand (belts and iPhone covers?).

Every beachwear brand follows these same steps, with the only differentiator being the design and the branding. The one thing they do all have in common is a lack of innovation.

No wonder that the industry is lacking excitement.

Men’s beachwear has not seen any major innovations in decades and as a result has remained stagnant. For men there have really only ever been two items when it comes to beachwear: swim shorts paired with a linen shirt (or t-shirt). There are no levels of formality or of regional design. No wonder it is hard for people to get excited by this.

Until now.

209 Mare Unique Beachwear is redefining what men’s luxury beachwear can and should be. With the introduction of our iconic 209 Beach Blazer we are setting a new standard in luxury and elegance in this stagnant fashion segment.

Think of the 209 Beach Blazer as a tux for the refined gentleman on the beach.


It looks like a normal blazer but is lined with cashmere-soft bamboo fiber toweling material to dry you off when you get out of the water, and has a velvet shawl collar reminiscent of a James Bond worthy tux. Pure elegance for a true gentleman on his Yacht.

For the first time in the history of men’s beachwear, there is actual innovation in what can be done in this category to dress men better, whether at the beach or on a 150-foot yacht. This is not a variation in the design of a swim short, or a new type of cut. This is an entirely new product unseen by any and establishes a new era in men’s beachwear.

The 209 Beach Blazer is a result of our philosophy at 209 Mare Unique Beachwear, where we seek to elevate the level of elegance and luxury in men’s beachwear by creating unique products that interpret men’s beachwear from a fresh contemporary perspective without losing the functionality of the items. Every item in our collection is made with purpose and designed with functionality, luxury, and uniqueness in mind.

At 209 Mare we are forging a new path in men’s luxury beachwear, one we hope others will follow us in. Our mission is to create the best, most unique, functional, and luxurious beachwear for men in the world, beachwear that is not only defined by brand, but by purpose and innovation.

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