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The Making of the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection ‘BTRIS’ Video

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

***This is the story of how we developed the Spring/Summer 2017 209 Mare promotional video at the beginning of this summer. A lot of work from a lot of people went into making this video and we extend our gratitude to everyone who helped make it a reality. If you want to see the finished product, the video is embedded at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!***

On April 28th, the 209 Mare team, along with a production team as well as the models we hired set out to film the first commercial interpretation of the 209 Mare brand and make the promotional video for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. At 7 am on a perfect day along the French Riviera, a team of approximately 25 people, assembled on the exclusive Plage Keller property located in Antibes along with over half a million euros in camera equipment that included several high-end RED cameras and lenses, tracks for a cart, displays, maintenance equipment and a fully loaded truck.



Director and Assistant-Director, camera crew, hair and make-up, photographers, stylist, producer, as well as the models Javier Lorenzana and Charlotte Mint were part of the team. There was a special appearance by Steve, from French Riviera Water Toys, the stunt double and world vice champion of flyboard who would allow us to shoot such an epic film.

For the development of this promotional video we worked with Federall, a graphic design agency based in Monaco that we have worked with for several months now and that is behind the logo and graphic design language of 209 Mare. Bahram Gueranfar, who is responsible for New Media and Special Projects at Federall, led the development of our Spring/Summer 2017 promotional video and helped to make the initial concept a reality.

The idea behind the promotional video was to interpret and portray the 209 Mare lifestyle with an edgy and sexy interpretation of the 209 Mare brand, whose slogan ‘Breaking The Rules In Style’ defines the 209 Mare lifestyle. Bahram had developed the shoot in 4 scenes, each of which required a different set-up with the cameras and equipment. Even though the end result would be a 90-second promotional video, each scene was so technically complicated to film, not to mention having to count on perfect weather and sun conditions, that the shoot would end up taking more than 10 hours to film.

Bahram’s original vision was to encapsulate the brand’s ethos of ‘Breaking The Rules In Style’. As a result, he envisioned a woman, who would be played by the model Charlotte Mint, sunbathing on a deck when a man, played by the model Javier Lorenzana would start to hover over her (although it was not clear why he was hovering) with a mischievous yet playful smile. Upon seeing him, she would then gaze down, in the direction of his groin, with the gaze turning into a reaction of shock followed by her shaking her head in disbelief. The man’s smile would only grow at her reaction and all of a sudden he would slowly ascend 10 meters into the air, revealing that he was on a flyboard (a water-powered jet pack). The woman’s stare would follow his rise, knowing what would come next – the man completely spraying her with water from the flyboard. As she shrieks from being doused in ice-cold water, he would fly off in his 209 Beach Blazer, grinning at having completely wetted the woman.

We shot this promo video in late April, meaning that we had to gamble with the weather as there was no guarantee of perfect weather or of the sun being in its optimal position, which would have been critical in order to get the scenes with the man’s shadow hovering over the girl just right. We made the most of the day, even squeezing in a photo shoot of the two models, some of the photos you may have already seen on our Instagram page.

Below you can see the video in its entirety. When we received the first cut from Federall, we were astounded by the cinematographic quality of the video as it is second to none and on par with Hollywood-grade quality. All the scenes came together fantastically in a video that not only encapsulates the essence of the 209 Mare brand, but also represents the image we want to represent when people discover 209 Mare of the coming months.

It was the first time that we could put on camera the irreverence of a 209 Mare man in action. It was a breathtaking experience being able to put on a production of this caliber. We could not be happier with the outcome of the day and we owe our utmost gratitude to the team from Federall, as well as French Riviera Water Toys for having provided the flyboard and the incredible stunt-double Steve. A big thank you also to the models Javier Lorenzana and Charlotte Mint, who played their part perfectly and even let us splash them with ice-cold Mediterranean water several times (thanks Charlotte!).

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you next year!

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