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M/Y Azzam – The Yacht to Eclipse the World

Monday 6th August 2018

Get ready to let out a long and low whistle; M/Y Azzam is the yacht that can eclipse the world. The 590 ft beauty made quite a splash during her unveiling back in 2013 when she single handedly knocked Roman Abramovich’s Yacht off the top spot for being the longest boat in the world.

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Groundbreaking Grace and Glory

Gigantic in more than just style; M/Y Azzam is a groundbreaking vision of what can be possible when you have 400 million pounds to splurge. Not only is this megayacht the largest luscious yacht to grace the seven seas, but it is also one of the fastest. Hitting gliding speeds of 30 knots an hour thanks to her impressive 94000 horsepower prowess, M/Y Azzam is proof that while size isn’t everything – size, speed and style can be the holy trinity in the world of yachting.

The Secret of Sheikhs

Only a yacht brand as big and powerful as Lurssen could knock Abramovich out the water, yet the super-rich owner of sun blotter M/Y Azzam remained a secret for years. Now, however it is said the yacht was built for president of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The celebrated Sheikh has a history of going grand when it comes to size and architecture – Dubai’s cloud puncturing Burj Khalifa, also known as the worlds tallest manmade structure, was named after the very same Sheikh.

A Floating Kingdom

But gossip aside, M/Y Azzam is a yacht that has truly raised the bar for other shipyards across the globe. Boasting two swimming pools, a double helicopter landing pad, submarine, private cinema, and rumors of fifty suites including an armor-plated master suite – no expense has been spared in crafting this floating kingdom.


The main salon is said to reach a staggering length of 29m, boasting a beam of 18m – all open plan and free from pillars, imaginably providing a super-sophisticated space for full entourage soirees. Speaking of party planning – M/Y Azzam is also said to have a staff of fifty to keep her running like silk and could be costing an eye wateringly estimated $60 million a year to keep her in the water.

French Finesse and First-Class Privacy

Images of the suspected lavish interior have been kept a well-guarded secret and with the beautiful boat having one of the most sophisticated missile defense – snap happy journalists have kept clear. We do know that Christopher Leoni – a French finesse designer was brought in to craft the empirical style interior. It took Lurssen four years to build M/Y Azzam in coordination with Nauta Yachts who took care of the exterior design.


M/Y Azzam is strictly a private yacht and she still remains shrouded in secrecy, as to be expected – she is not available for charter.


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