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209 Mare Launches its Luxury Men’s Blazer at Sunset Monte Carlo

Friday 30th June 2017

The Official Launch

Sophisticated, stylish, and fun, Sunset in Monte Carlo was the perfect venue for the official launch of 209 Mare and our exclusive swimwear for men. The pop-up venue, which hosted Monaco’s social elite throughout the Grand Prix weekend, welcomed a discerning crowd to the shores of the Meridien Beach Plaza hotel. Great music, fantastic entertainment, and laid-back luxury greeted them – the perfect conditions for one to break the rules in style.

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A Chic Afterparty

209 Mare sponsored the famous venue between the 26th and 28th May. We introduced the greatly anticipated 209 Beach Blazer and 209 Swim Shorts to Monegasque revellers in the perfect beachfront environment. Following the adrenaline-inducing action of the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, partygoers headed to the hallowed shores of outer Monte Carlo to relax at Sunset. From noon until midnight, champagne flowed, the DJ’s decks spun, and the sophisticated, cool atmosphere of Monaco’s favourite GP venue made for a special occasion.

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Our Luxury Men’s Blazer: The Talk of the Town

While 209 Mare has sponsored various events in and around Monaco, like the Club Vivanova luxury Gala and the Russian Easter lunch in Eze, it was at Sunset that the brand was officially launched, following the release of the 209 Beach Blazer and 209 Swim Shorts on the website’s online store. The reputation of 209 Mare is increasing in renown, with a number of people gaining interest in our innovative blazer. The latest magazine to recommend our beach blazer was GQ Magazine, who spoke highly of our product.

209 Mare luxury men's blazer launches at Sunset Monte Carlo

Sunset Monte Carlo: An Unforgettable Event

The feedback from attending guests at Sunset was excellent, with many people inquiring about the luxury men’s blazers and shorts; many were even eager to try the jackets themselves, taking photos with friends in the luxury garment. Reserved throughout the Grand Prix weekend, our 209 Mare table stood out from the crowd. Our art deco-inspired beach blazers and monochrome swim shorts stealing the show. Entertainment was ample: 12 guest DJs ensured the party never stopped, various watersports performances stunned the crowds, and guests mingled with A-list celebrities, like Bella Hadid.

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Look Out for 209 Mare

With summer just underway on the Cote d’Azur, including the Mediterranean yachting season, we welcome those of you that enjoy breaking the rules in style to celebrate our launch with us. Keep your eyes open for 209 Mare at the most exclusive events in the region. In the meantime, enjoy our latest promotional video and continue to break the rules in style.

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