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La Guerite – The Secret Hideaway Island of the Rich and Famous in Cannes

Monday 4th June 2018

Cannes, along with Monaco, St. Tropez, and the multiple Cap’s, has always been the destination of the rich and famous on the French Riviera. Especially once the Cannes Film Festival kicks off the summer, Cannes becomes one of the places to be during the summer. However, even though it also fills up with plenty of non-Celebrities and non-billionaires, who try to catch a glimpse of Adrian Brody pulling into the Martinez Hotel in a 1953 Mercedes SL 350 or to see Justin Bieber throw a playmate flooded party at Baoli Beach, no one can ever find them and the rest of the rich and famous during the day. Why?


The Answer: La Guerite

Located on an inhabited island off the coast of Cannes called Saint Marguerite, La Guerite is the secret hideaway for the rich and famous during the day. Only accessible by yacht or tender, it filters out a large portion of the mere mortals, giving those who can come here an oasis of peace – which won’t last long once the DJ starts playing his beats. Think of La Guerite as Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez vibes meets the simplicity and elegance of Club 55. It is an enjoyable and quiet lunch spot that turns into the best day time party that you are not invited to.


When we went last summer, we had no idea this place existed and we were we in for a treat.  La Guerite picks its guests up from Cannes in a RIB Tender and whisks them to their secret hide-away in 5 mins. Once you arrive you are greeted to a typical French Riviera vibe with open seating and the smell of freshly prepared fish, truffles, and champagne filling the air. Everything on the menu is fresh – sea to table. Literally. Their wine list is rather impressive too and just like in all other beach clubs in the French Riviera, you can size up your bottles of Rosé or Dom Perignon to almost any size you like.

Arrive by noon for an early drink by the bar or beach and then when you feel like it, head to the restaurant in the back from where you will have incredible views towards Cannes and the rest of the Mediterranean. When you order, you can order from the likes of traditional fare like truffle pasta or Caviar, but we recommend going with the specialty of the house which is a freshly caught fish prepared by Chef Yiannis Kioroglou. Since you’re in no rush to get back to Cannes, let lunch go on for 2 or 3 hours and then at some point in the early afternoon the DJ will start the day party with some mellow beats to get the mood started. Before you know it you will be dancing on the tables along side the rich and famous as you share one magnum of Rosé after the other.



What makes La Guerite so special is the mix between simplicity and elegance as well as glamour and chaos. It is a place to escape to where you can break the rules in style and then go back to Cannes and behave like a perfect gentleman. The exclusivity though is what makes truly makes it stand-out. This is not a place that you can just pass by. You have to plan to come here, and even though it is a bit out of the way, once you get there, it becomes worth it. At sunset the restaurant wraps up and the line to the tenders becomes the social gossip corner and the place you want to be. Maybe you will even get an invite to one of the private celebrity parties….

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