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10 Questions Answered by 209 Mare’s Founders | Part 1

Wednesday 12th July 2017

The first in a two-part series in which we introduce our two Founders, Gabriel and Federico Uribe, the following Q&A brings you closer to the style-motivated brains behind 209 Mare.

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Federico Uribe

A Monaco-based fashion designer, Federico Uribe is the Creative Director of the company. His sartorial designs are brightening the most exclusive hangouts across the world, from St Tropez to Miami. In the following 10 questions, Federico shares insight into his way of thinking: from the inspiration behind the brand to celebrity endorsement, and lots in between.

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  1. What inspired the 209 Mare brand?

The inspiration for the brand derived from a desire to create functional fashion and to set a new trend with regards to what us Gentlemen can wear during the summer season.

  1. What was your vision for the 209 Mare products?

We wanted to create unique, high-quality products that transcend the rules of men’s beachwear.

  1. Who might wear the 209 Beach Blazer and 209 Swim Shorts?

James Bond, Gatsby, or any self-respecting gentleman that has a taste for sartorial excellence and lives by his own rules might wear 209 Mare.

  1. What is your background? How did you come to create such a forward-thinking brand?

Our family has been in the fashion/textile industry for decades, however it was getting an MBA that allowed me to understand how a business operates. We wanted to use our combined strengths of operational capabilities and aesthetic interpretation in order to create a brand that would thrive, and become iconic and synonymous with decadent beachwear.

  1. Where is your favourite beach club to break the rules in style?

Bagatelle Beach in St Tropez, hands down.

  1. Why is the clothing inspired by the art deco period?

The clothing draws influence from the art deco period because of the decadence, glamour, and elegance of that time. We like to think that this was the epoch of the true gentleman.

  1. Do you know of any celebrities that have endorsed the clothing?

We have given our 209 Beach Blazers to the likes of Olivier Giroud, Tom Hardy, Luke Evans, Channing Tatum, Tom Claeren, and Staz Nair. Currently endorsing them actively are Tom Claeren and Staz Nair, however there are more to come.

  1. The company’s headquarters are in Monaco. Why is this the perfect place to launch a luxury beachwear brand?

Monaco is the perfect place from which to launch because it is the international capital of luxury and style. We produce our items in Milano, which is only two hours away by car, which makes sense from a quality control point of view.

  1. Do you plan on releasing new products or designs in the near future?

We are currently working on new designs and products for the 2018 season. We are working on a beach sneaker, as well as on a collection for women. We are also expanding our swim short collection.

  1. Which party destination do you recommend as up and coming in 2017?

St Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, Mykonos and St Barths are the most happening summer destinations at the moment for people who are looking for great food, great parties, and a place to break the rules in style.

Keep a look out for the upcoming interview with Gabriel Uribe, the Director of Operations at 209 Mare.

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