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Guest Feature by @TourbillonLifestyle: The Ultimate Watch Guide for a Summer in Ibiza

Monday 6th August 2018

***This month we are pleased to present Azzam Jamil, the face behind @tourbillonlifestyle on Instagram, as a guest contributor to the 209 Mag! On his Instagram channel you can find some of the most spectacularly curated watch collections and we highly recommend giving his profile a visit. He is also the text editor for our brand ambassador, @TomClaeren, and a writer for @Watchanish. On today’s guest contribution he gives his take on the best watch combinations for your upcoming trip to Ibiza!***

Ibiza. For many of us it is the Summer getaway craved to escape reality and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Whether you party on a yacht, at the beach clubs, or indulge in the lavish nightlife, we always recommend that you are suitably dressed.


At 209 Mare we spend most of our time by the water. With an assortment of luxury beach clubs – including Nikki Beach and Blue Marlin – Ibiza provides the perfect environment for our beachwear collection, allowing you to look stylish in any situation.


Another summer essential we believe everyone must wear is a great watch. This allows you to not only look sophisticated, but adds a personal touch to your outfit (whilst also reminding you of the time!).


So, to save you time looking in the mirror before hitting the beach each morning, we’ll run through 4 watch/beachwear combinations that we think that everyone should try this summer in Ibiza.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Rose Gold with the 209 Beach Blazer in Havana Brown

One of the hottest combinations we can think of! This has probably already been worn countless times and it’s understandable why. The Havana Brown Beach Blazer is without a doubt the perfect poolside attire for a rose gold watch. The Nautilus is what we chose. But why? Well, this is perhaps one of the most sought-after sports watches today and with its rounded octagonal case shape resembling a porthole, it reflects life on the water much the same as our clothing collection resembles sophisticated living by the pool. The watch is water resistant to 120 metres, so there is no need to panic after a spontaneous dive!

Shop the 209 Beach Blazer in Havana Brown

Rolex Submariner Green Cerachrom with the 209 Beach Blazer in Portofino Green

The list of course would not be complete without a Rolex Submariner. This is the first timepiece that comes to mind when thinking of a diving watch. A watch that every man should own thanks to its durability and all-round reliability, the Submariner is for sure a must-have when travelling to Ibiza this summer. We specifically selected the Green Cerachrom bezel because this model is the perfect match for our Portofino Green Beach Blazer. This is very much a daytime outfit for mornings spent poolside at Nikki Beach or at the bar with your friends. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter when you rock this look because it’s so versatile!

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Jacob&co Epic SF24 Racing with the 209 Towel Tuxedo in Palermo Green

Another green combination for you, however this is slightly different from the previous selection. Jacob&co are the ultimate watch brand when it comes to glitz, glamour and all things jewelry and this watch is therefore for the deeper pocketed party goers. Particularly at home in Monte Carlo, these timepieces are worn to make a statement, and what better way to make your mark in Ibiza than wearing a Jacob&co! The SF24 is the ultimate travelers watch. With a ‘Split Flap’ 24-hour time display, we recommend this timepiece for anyone making a short stopover in Ibiza before jetting off to their next destination. Pairing this with our Towel Tux in Palermo Green will create a look so refined that the compliments won’t stop until you leave the beach club!

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Richard Mille RM61-01 Yohan Blake Limited Edition with the 209 Towel Tuxedo in Limited Edition Brando Black

The final pairing is one which is more suited for the evening, when the pool lights come on and the champagne sparklers come out in their hundreds! The RM61-01 all black edition is a watch which we have seen at beach clubs in Mykonos, Monte Carlo, and many other Summer hotspots. But it really is a great piece for the occasion. Lightweight, comfortable, and surprisingly understated, this watch is ideal for a casual pool day, where standing out isn’t all that important. However, this in no way sacrifices great timekeeping and reliability. For an evening look, naturally we would recommend pairing this with our Brando Black Towel Tux. The all black combination provides a sleek and sophisticated outfit which we think is perfect for any occasion Ibiza can throw your way.

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