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The Gentleman’s Guide to Celebrating the Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017

The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is all about standing out in style and being bold.

Waste no time in making a bold entrance for the Monaco Grand Prix 2017: arrive by helicopter for the essential statement entrance. After a quick transfer to your luxury hotel – Hotel de Paris, Hermitage, Metropole, or Fairmont – in a chauffeured car, do what you do best in one of the Principality’s most famous venues: enjoy cocktails at Nikki Beach, sip champagne at Buddha Bar, or relax with an Aperol Spritz at the Café de Paris. Wearing your 209 Blazer, feel at home under the spotlight of the world’s most glamorous stage; revel in the attention that your image demands.

Thursdays are known for great DJ sets at the coolest clubs of Monaco, so swing over to Twiga – the best club in town. We suggest you arrive early to enjoy the food – in particularly, the truffle sushi – and stay to observe and enjoy the seemingly endless supply of bottles that arrive at each table.

On Friday, make sure to hit up Sunset Beach Club for an afternoon of good music, celebrities, champagne and mingling with models. From personal experience, we can affirm that wearing your 209 Blazer at the club is like being famous; you get stares from every direction, including from the models. Take a break by sampling exquisite Asian cuisine at Maya Bay (right next door), before getting ready for Amber Lounge in the same hotel as Sunset Beach Club (Le Meridien). Be warned: getting past the bouncers at Amber is reserved for only the most exclusive attendees of the Grand Prix (although it helps to be exquisitely dressed).

On Saturday, view the F1 qualification round before dining at either Cipriani’s or Avenue 31 – both of which offer fantastic food and a great atmosphere. Next, head to One Oak, the newest club in Monaco, which is located in the Fairmont Hotel. Be warned though, spend minimums are often €1,500 per person – and that’s without a table. Exclusivity does have its price.

On race day (Sunday), you will likely be told to head to Amber lounge for the F1 closing party; however, venture to Twiga for their F1 party, where all the local celebrities will end their nights. Attending the Amber lounge party means sharing tables, whereas going to Twiga means enjoying your own without the €1,000 cover charge. Arrive early to avoid queuing.

Take it from us: plan ahead, arrive by helicopter, and don’t follow the masses – not in their choice of clubs and much less in their attire. Be bold, be 209 Mare, be a gentleman with character. Mind your manners.

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