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10 Male Fashion Instagrammers You Need to Follow

Monday 29th May 2017

10 – @iamgalla

Owner of – a luxury blog that covers fashion, travel and lifestyle – @iamgalla is an Instagram profile with a difference. In various exotic locations around the world, Adam Gallagher poses in stylish outfits that stand to inspire your next purchase. With 2 million followers and over 4,000 posts, Adam Gallagher is a big hit in the social sphere.

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9 – @oliver_cheshire

A former face of Calvin Klein and currently engaged to pop-star Pixie Lott, Oliver Cheshire is an internationally acclaimed model and blogger. His Instagram page, @oliver_cheshire, teems with stylish clothing and cool snaps. His blog, I Wear The Trousers, details his modeling career.

8 – @matthewzorpas

Matthew Zorpas is the founder of The Gentleman Blogger, a creative consultant and a lecturer. Blue tick-approved, @matthewzorpas offers a wealth of fashionable looks and an insight into cultures all over the world.

7 – @princepelayo

A television host and fashionista, @princepelayo is effortlessly cool. He often travels to spectacular destinations across the globe, and records his exploits with trendy pictures. Combining both formal and casual attire, he is a veritable influencer.

¿Estás este finde en Barcelona? Pues la #TerrazzaMartini es el plan! 🎈🎈🎈#MartiniTonic @martinispain

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6 – @trevor_stuurman

Describing himself as a Global African, Trevor Stuurman documents the best of African culture, from traditional African clothing to exotic African destinations. His take on fashion is inspiring and usually involves a hat of some sort!

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5 – @joeylondonstyle

A tattooed vlogger with a penchant for travel, @joeylondonstyle is a must follow in 2017. The stylish Instagrammer is currently in Bali, uploading cool pictures of Balinese delights. His sense of style is unwavering and offers many tips for the upcoming season.

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4 – @giampaolo_alliata

Although slightly older than the other Instagrammers on our list, Giampaolo Alliata is equally as fashionable. His wardrobe is timeless and seemingly bottomless. If you’re interested in suits, @giampaolo_alliata is the man to follow.

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3 – @al_bizzy

Based in San Fransisco, @al_bizzy is the Founder and Creative Director of Magari San Francisco. The professional style consultant posts various snaps of himself in sharp suits. He is also a passionate advocate of hats.

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2 – @guerreisms

@guerrisms has been a purveyor of ‘nonchalant elegance since 2008,’ and posts behind the scenes images of stylish outfits and the clothe making process. The blogger’s Instagram page encapsulates the best of the digital age: a glimpse into the fascinating life of an influential person.

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1 – @209Mare

The latest name in men’s fashion, 209 Mare documents the launch of our luxury brand in Monaco and the South of France. Encouraging gentlemen to bend the rules in style, @209mare offers an innovative new beach blazer and stylish swimming shorts – both of which are inspired by the art deco era. Follow our social media channels to stay up to speed with how a modern gentleman should dress.

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