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October 2018

Destination Dubai: Desert Decadence

Star of the UAE show, Dubai has risen from the desert dust like a mirage of shimmering skyscrapers, gleaming white malls, and seven-star resorts. Nowhere captures the vibe of sheikh like splurging quite like Dubai. Even though Dubai is only 50 years old it has now become one of the world’s main metropoli, a stop on everyone’s global travel calendar. Most of you will therefore already be familiar with its main attractions, so on this destination travel guide we decided to skip most of the tourist spots and focus on a few places that we love when we visit Dubai. This is the Dubai travel guide: 209 Edition.

Where to Stay



St. Regis Habtoor Palace – The Churchill Suite

The Winston Churchill Suite is the jewel in the St Regis Habtoor Palace Dubai. This suite boasts more space than the hotels own ballroom at 913 square meters large. The two-story penthouse is a vision of gleaming marble, soaring spiral staircases, and tantalizing terraces baptized by beautiful cathedral like domes. A butler is always on hand and one of Churchill’s famous cigars is also on show. As a bonus: the St. Regis Crown has one of the best rooftop pools in Dubai.


209 Mare Luxury Destination Guide to Dubai - St. Regis Churchill Suite 10

Armani Hotel at the Burj Khalifa

Those looking for a hotel in the world’s most evocative city designed by one of the most elite names in fashion – will find the Armani Hotel oozes Italian chic. Sitting on the 8thfloor of the iconic Burj Khalifa, aka the tallest building in the world, the design is sigh-in-delight Zen. Minimalism sets the mood with clean lines, your own lifestyle manager, and one of the best Italian eateries in town. Even if you don’t stay here it is absolutely worth it to visit this incredible hotel.


St. Regis The Palm (Coming 2019)

The luxury crowd can always do with another dose of St Regis, and in 2019 St. Regis is opening a second location on the Palm. This new St. Regis is set to get its own beach club oasis and hotel next year, as well as residences for those that want to stay permanently. The hotel is set to be in the Palm Tower so you can expect a rooftop infinity pool, sky view restaurant, and epic viewing deck. The beach club will blow you out of the water with state-of-the-art facilities and gauzy gulf views. Expect this to start a rivalry with the Burj Al Arab’s “The Terrace”


Where To Dine



Zuma Dubai

Keep the zen like mood high at Zuma, the absolutely incredible Japanese izakaya style restaurant. Zumais all steel and granite designs, and the Friday brunch is out of this world. Book way in advance (2-3 weeks) to feast on melt-in-the mouth sushi and buttery lobster.


Armani/Amal at the Burj Khalifa

Those wanting to be inspired by Indian cusine will find that the Armani/Amalwill make you weak at the knees. Live sitar music, melodic dishes that play on spice and texture, and dramatic Dubai fountain moods set the scene (if you don’t know what we are referring to, these are the fountains). The decoration in itself, like the hotel, makes a visit worthwhile enough.



La Petite Maison Dubai

French finesse awaits at La Petite Maison Dubai. Swish shades of cream welcome you to dine on intensely rich European flavors paired with remarkable wines from Bordeaux. The pumpkin risotto and creamy dauphinoise potatoes are said to be stand out epic.


What To Do



The Billionaire Mansion

The aptly named Billionaire Mansion is reserved for those top-tier individuals who want to lounge in the spangly shisha bar, mingle with celebs over karaoke, and dance until the early hours at the lavish nightclub. If you are familiar with the London or Monaco night life you will feel right at home at the Billionaire Mansion as it is also owned by renowned Flavio Briatore, the owner of Twiga Monte-Carlo.


209 Mare Luxury Destination Guide to Dubai - Billionaire Mansion Dubai 3

Dubai Skydiving

See the sprawl of the city from another point of view as you take to the air with Dubai Skydiving. As you freefall through skies of blue, look down and admire the exhilarating bloom of the Palm Jumeirah, watch the gulf waters meet the desert, and see all the iconic sites from above. Plus, a shot of Dubai from above is quintessential for your Insta feed.


209 Mare Luxury Destination Guide to Dubai - Skydiving Dubai 2

Only in Dubai – A 24k Gold Facial

Dress to impress in your finest luxury beachwear and indulge in a truly decadent treat at the Raffles Hotel Spawith a golden facial. 24 karat gold leaf is used to bring out a heavenly glow and was reportedly one of Cleopatra’s preferred beauty treatments. The rest of the spa is equally as divine – lose yourself in the bliss of billowing steam and healing hands.


209 Mare Luxury Destination Guide to Dubai - Raffles 24 K Gold facial treatment 1

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