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Why We Decided To Start A Podcast

Thursday 5th October 2017

*** You can now listen to Episode 001: ‘This is 209.’ on SoundCloud (or just click on the audio player below), or you can subscribe and listen to it on Apple Podcasts here.***


Today, on October 5th, we finally launched our podcast ‘This is 209: Building a Luxury Fashion Start-Up’. Launching our own podcast is something we have been wanting to do for a long time now, as it allows us to share with you our journey of building 209 Mare, while also being able to engage with you guys more closely.


Why did we decide to start a podcast?

Starting a podcast is an idea that came up when we were looking back at the past year, the ups and downs, and the journey so far of building 209 Mare. We realized that if we want to succeed as a modern luxury beachwear brand that stands out, we must differentiate ourselves from the pack not just by creating unique beachwear products, but also by taking a different approach to how we brand ourselves.

As a result, we decided that we want to give much more depth to our brand and go beyond just traditional branding. We want to engage with people who are delighted and enthused not only by our products, but also by our brand and are as passionate as us about redefining what men’s luxury beachwear can and should be. The first step in doing so is by building a deeper relationship with our customers and followers by inviting you to the inner workings of 209 Mare and engaging with you guys every day – be it on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or just through plain old email. We want to take you along on the ride of creating a luxury fashion start-up.

For us therefore a podcast was the next natural step in being able to tell you about our journey. Both myself (Gabe – on Instagram: @gabeuribe), and my brother, Freddy (on Instagram: @federico_uribe), post about the development of 209 Mare regularly on our own social media channels, meaning that only our friends have been able to witness our journey. We want to change that to include you guys as well, and not only do we want to share with you, but we want to engage with you guys as well. We want to hear what you think about our progress, our brand – anything! If you want feel free to email me at [email protected], because I do want to hear from you guys!


 So, what can you expect in our podcasts?

In our podcast ‘This is 209’ we speak freely about our experiences in building a brand in the luxury fashion industry – an industry that is incredibly competitive and in which any collection can make or break you. We want to share our experience not only because neither of us has a background in the industry – meaning that every day we face new challenges – but also because we realized no one is doing something like this. There is no podcast out there which chronicles a luxury fashion start-up and the journey to becoming a respectable brand. We therefore want to offer you an insight into an industry that is rarely chronicled live in its beginning phases.

Not only will our podcasts be unfiltered, but they will also be uncensored, and in them nothing will be off-limits. On some episodes we may discuss marketing and brand strategies, and another one we may discuss product development. Every episode will be different, and will vary in length, depending on how much we have to talk about.

Part of of the reason for making this podcast is to also talk about the technical process of building a fashion label, as this is an industry that for many newcomers is still kept in the dark and in which it is very easy to get lost in the beginning. We therefore hope that as a result you can learn from the mistakes we made, that is if you are interested in starting your own fashion label.


So where does it go from here?

For now, we plan to post a new podcast whenever we have news to share. However, I have a list of at least two dozen things to talk about, so we are not scarce of interesting material about which to talk about. However, as we develop our podcast and see how it goes (as well as streamline the process) we will likely get into a more regular pattern of posting a new episode every 10 days.

Episode 001 – ‘This is 209.’ is available now on Apple podcasts (subscribe and listen here) and on SoundCloud. In the first episode we talk about the importance of the number 209, how the iconic 209 Beach Blazer was developed, and why we chose to make a podcast in the first place. The quality of the first episode is not perfect, but you have to start somewhere, right? As time passes we will increase the quality of he sounds and production – however, I can guarantee you, the  quality of the content will always be fire 😉

If you guys have any feedback or thoughts about our Podcast feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media channels, or email me directly at [email protected]

Until next time!


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