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Let Me Bagatelle You About Something

Friday 4th May 2018

Ever heard those three little syllables [Bah-gah-tel]? Those syllables are synonymous with one of the most decadent Beach Clubs in the world. Located in Rammatuelle (Saint Tropez) on the Côte d’Azur, Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez  (@bagatellebeach) puts on one of the best day parties on the French Riviera.


The setting is minimalistic, everything is in white beach wood. On every cushion, you can find the emblematic blue medusa head of the Bagatelle logo, every table has one of its iconic porcelain white house olive oil flasks. Centered in the ocean view teak deck of the ballroom size dining room is a DJ, set on his own cabana on stilts.

On any given day between May and September, you can walk into a lunch crowd, gathered around an arsenal of expensive champagne and double magnums of rose from local vineyard Domaine Ott. After an exquisite lunch of seafood, truffled pizza and truffled risotto, guests celebrate by dancing atop the tables, champagne glasses in hand, to the amazing beats set put by the DJ. This is the definition of St. Tropez summer vibes.


Urban legend is that a very particular customer spends a weekend here every summer during which he spends upwards of half a million euros. The bottle menu is not for the faint of heart, as even a regular lunch with regular wine will set you back upwards of €100 per person. However, it is the friendly competitive spirit that enables bottle competitions that truly makes this place jump all the norms of society. Spending €2,000 per bottle of Dom Perignon or Krug is the norm. Some even buy the mighty Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Rosé Midas bottle 30 liters of liquid fun priced at €160,000.

Bagatelle Beach is truly a unique Beach Club, one at which you can see all the madness or partake in it, but where we can assure you you will have the time of your life. Where Bagatelle really exceeds though, is that it manages to do this all in a very charismatic and classy way. This may be hard to believe when talking about these shenanigans, but it is simply the St. Tropez way of life. For those who are looking to relax, there are lounge areas by the water and you can have your lunch and shisha brought to you there, if the party scene is too much for you.

Arrive by car or yacht, or if you’re feeling in the mood, you can even land in St. Tropez by Helicopter – not a bad way to make an entrance when coming to Bagatelle Beach. When you lounge on the beach of Bagatelle you will see by the collection of yachts parked just by the beach why this magical place attracts so much good attention.

People who come to Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez show up in their best beachwear and are here to be seen and make a social impression – hence why 209 Mare has been part of their boutique collection. So if you forgot to pack your Beach Blazer, don’t worry, you can still get it there. There are three things we can promise you if you go – you will be enchanted with the incredible food and staff, the party will leave a mark in your memory and you will want to come back.


So don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourselves and remember that making an impression starts with how you present yourself, and how well you break the rules in style ;).


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