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209 Mare Featured in “Bachelor in Paradise”

Thursday 10th May 2018

A few months ago, the witty and dapper Johannes Haller (@johannes_haller) got in touch with us because he discovered our unique beachwear concept and wanted to partner up for his upcoming feature in the latest edition of “Bachelor in Paradise”. In the Bachelorette 2017 Johannes made it to the final rose only to encounter a bitter end. This year however, he has renewed optimism and plans to charm his way to the end, and for that he wanted some really special beachwear to stand out.

So we decided to partner up with Johannes to make sure that all eyes will be on him when he is on the show. We are incredibly proud to be supporting this handsome gentleman on his quest to find true love. Where that will lead to, you will have to see yourself every week as a new episode airs. One thing is for sure, he will be the best dressed gentleman in paradise.

During the day, the contestants that did not manage to get a date chill at the villa by the beach that is equipped with a pool, open bar, and everything you would want in paradise, while those lucky enough to allure the attention of one of the other individuals get to go on highly extravagant dates (perfect for the 209 Mare man).


Johannes tells us that this season is action packed and that there are some incredible twists along the way, including one special “White Night Party” that he organizes where, apparently, the show gets turned on its head.

Throughout the show, Johannes wears exclusively 209 Mare Beach Blazers and Swim Shorts, making him stand out from the crowd (and possibly even closer to the final chapter). His outfits are the most talked about on the show, as some of the other contestants found it so intriguing that they took pictures with them and posted them on social media.

The show airs weekly at 8:15pm Paris Time on the German giant network RTL. Primetime. Wish our boy luck and make sure to keep up with his social media, it is *highly* entertaining.


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