"SavePuertoRico" to get 15% off - We match your savings in donations to Red Cross!
"SavePuertoRico" to get 15% off - We match your savings in donations to Red Cross!

209 Swim Shorts

209 Swim Shorts

209 Swim Shorts

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Hand-made in our Italian atelier, our 209 Swim Shorts are understated by offering simplicity in design with focus on details reflective of our unwavering commitment to perfection, allowing you to stand out among a sea of swim shorts with printed designs.

Our 209 swim shorts are made from Italian-sourced nylon that has been specially treated to give it a soft and smooth finish. They are complemented with Italian parachute cord, monogrammed mother of pearl buttons, and our signature 209 Mare pattern on the front flap. The piping that has been added to the pockets has been inspired by the smooth and thin lines that were so ubiquitous in the Art Deco era and complement the monochromatic designs.

All 209 swim shorts come in a waterproof pouch that can be used at the beach and ensures that your possessions are kept dry, even if your behavior is not.

If you’re going to break the rule this summer, do it in style.


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