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209 Mare’s Fall/Winter Marketing Campaign

Monday 9th October 2017

***We have now launched our Fall/Winter Marking Campaign and you can already see glimpses of it on our Instagram page – with many more shots to come soon! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest shots! ***


At the beginning of September, we decided to shoot a new ad campaign for the 209 Mare brand. We wanted to place our Blazer in an urban setting to show its versatility and elegance. We had been planning this shoot weeks in advance and managed to book one of the German up and coming young faces – Christopher Timm (@ChristopherTimm). Together with a stylist, makeup artist, and the experienced fashion photographer Julia Klein, we set out to our first location at 8 am in Hamburg – the capital of fashion of Germany.

The first location was an up-scale design villa located on the Alster lake. The beautiful interior was used to put Chris and the iconic 209 Beach Blazer in scene, using the entrance to the villa as well as the living room with a big fireplace. The highlight was a fully plastered green leather wall that was a perfect complement to our Portofino Green Beach Blazer.

The concept of the ad was simple: to show the dandy life of a young playboy millionaire as he looks dapper with a glass of champagne while waiting for his guests to arrive. Long checkered pants, plain Charleston collared shirts, velvet slippers and the 209 Beach Blazer in different combinations allowed us to put the “play” in playboy.

After shooting for about six hours in and around the house, we decided to move on to location numero deux. The Hafencity in Hamburg is known to be the design hub of Northern Germany, due to its many futuristic buildings designed by the legendary Philipp Starck. We were lucky that the day was sunny and the light was perfect, which is rare in rainy Hamburg were fifty shades of grey seems to be the extent of general forecasts. Chris elegantly strutted his stuff in front of the camera while onlookers admired the scene. Playing with shadows from the buildings, background canals and different outfits, we could successfully showcase for versatile 209 Beach Blazer, which seems to bring a glimmer of glamour wherever and on whomever it is placed. Use it as a light overcoat on your travels, the durability and tailoring justifies your investment not just on the beach, but also in a cosmopolitan setting.

We want to thank all who helped make this a reality and remember- if you are going to break the rules, do it in style. #BTRIS


Until next time,

Federico (@Federico_Uribe)

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