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209 Mare Launches its New Collection

Thursday 17th May 2018

It is no secret that we have been working on designs and materials for quite some time now. We have increased our production capacity due to the high demand and are now expanding our product portfolio. We will now be adding a Towel Tuxedo Collection, for both men and women, as well as an Africa themed Swim Trunk collection.


The new Towel Tuxedo is made entirely out of plush bamboo towel material and our signature velvet. We have reshaped the lapel to mimic exactly that of a Tuxedo jacket. There is no more belt, like on the Beach Blazer, however the quality of the trims (chrome details, mother of pearl buttons, piping, etc.) still remain, as does the elegant packaging. This model jacket is to complement the Beach Blazer from last year, by giving customers an ampler choice in selection and an alternative, more relaxed, look. The new Towel Tuxedo comes in white with either Burgundy, Beige, Royal Blue or Midnight Green lapels. A special edition all black Towel Tuxedo will also be available in more limited numbers and at a higher cost, this one is called the “Brando”. All tuxedos are available for women in sizes 42 (xs) and 44 (s), as well as for men from size 46 to 56. We have always admired the form and fluidity of a shawl lapel tuxedo, so we decided to make one for those who value glamour and elegance at all times. They are light enough that they can be worn in the summer and cover you sufficiently from an evening breeze.


As for the new Africa collection on the swim trunks, we have designed an entirely new model which eliminates the elastic waistband and instead fits like a pair of Bermuda shorts. The side clasps (labeled “Sea Salt & Single Malt”) are a cool detail for those who appreciate finding “Easter Eggs” in their products (more of which can be found throughout the entire experience with our products). The new print collection is one of a kind as it was drawn by a Romanian artist, by hand, before being digitalized and placed on a geometric pattern, in order to create a 3D effect. These unique prints are designed with the new tuxedos in mind, as there is one particular print that goes with one particular tuxedo color: The Sebras Trunks are designed with the Blue velvet in mind, the Mamba with the Burgundy, the Nyamazi with the Beige, the Olifant with the Green and the Kambuku with the Brando. They can also be combined with any monochromatic shorts or trunks easily, as well as with any of our prints (the signature pattern looks incredible with any blazer in our collection), but these are simply the most synergetic combinations.


We chose the concept of Africa and Geometry because of its uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. We wanted to show our trunks from a more distant vantage point as a geometric pattern, however the closer you come to the subject the more you realize the details and artistry behind the design as a whole. The zippers have been matched in color to each print and on the monochromatic they are in our signature teal.


It took many months to develop this extension to our collection because we wanted as we always do, to underline our values as unique beachwear and a new standard this industry.


Enjoy the show 😉


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