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209 Mare Christmas Gift Guide: Shoes for Him

Thursday 14th December 2017

We believe that no gentleman’s outfit is complete without the right shoes. Next time you step out from your yacht or are headed to a beach club, make sure these accompany you as they are as much of a staple for the gentleman at the beach as our classic 209 Beach Blazer is. Here are three of our favorite picks that are contemporary classics, with different levels of attitude.

These Belgian loafers by Superglamourous are light and sophisticated. If this brand hasn’t popped up in your Instagram feed then follow the likes of @monsieurlifestyle or @whatusmenlike to see some of the hottest shoes from this brand. The linen canvas texture on this pair screams Italian baron, perfect for your next trip to Portofino.

Available at (€330)

If you are into something with more attitude and what we believe is the 2018 summer trend, order a pair of Gucci Mules with their signature embroidery. However, make sure to order a scotch on the rocks at the poolside bar and not a fruity cocktail…

Available at ($820)

A modern alternative in a classic form is the Duke and Dexter loafer – another beloved shoe on Instagram There is a huge variety of styles online, allowing you to find what suits you best. They are incredibly comfortable and look good on anyone. For the modern English gent. The pair shown here is the Pyramid Black loafer, perfect for a night out on the town.

Available at (€209)

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