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209 Mare Christmas Gift Guide: Fragrance Guide

Thursday 14th December 2017

When you’re at the beach you are overwhelmed by a kaleidoscope of smells. The salty breeze of the ocean,  the fumes of burned fuel from the super yachts, the sweet smell of the barbecue, and the oh-so-familiar smell of the bronzer you are applying on your girlfriend’s half-naked body. It all can be a bit much when the only smell that should count for you (and her) is yours. This is where ever scent counts, so pick one of our favorites (whether its for her or him) to have everyone turn around as soon as you step into the beach club.

Whether you are a jet setter or simply a badass, Tom Ford offers alternatives for both the discreet gentleman and the bold playboy. Our favorites for men are “Fucking Fabulous” from the Private Collection and “Tobacco Vanille” from the Limited Collection. Both new additions to Tom Ford’s collection, their exclusivity is not the only thing that makes them stand out. Both very potent as ‘eau de perfume’ (the highest concentration level of cologne), only a few sprays are needed to make those heads turn.

“Fucking Fabulous‘s” description by Tom Ford is too good to not include:  “Explicit. Exclusive. Fabulous. A decadent oriental leather with an intoxicating grip captures a rarified air. Evoking the private exchanges and insider moments where fantasies come true, the scent can only be described in one way.”

Available from ($310 – $804)

“Tobacco Vanille” is available at ($230 – $595)

If you are looking for something more neutral for long days at the beach, we recommend “Soleil Blanc” also by Tom Ford. This one happens to be unisex and great all-rounder. Tom Ford describes this scent as “Remote private islands where summer lasts all year and one day seamlessly blends into the next inspire Soleil Blanc, an addictive solar floral amber alive with seductive refinement and refreshing decadence.” Sounds like a perfect match to our unique luxury beachwear concept.

Available from ($225 – $595)

Let’s not forget about the women, where the fragrance can be intoxicating enough to make you forget about the rest of the day. The always classic and elegant Chanel “Nr. 5” is timeless – Marilyn Monroe’s choice, which says all you need to know about it. Surprise your girlfriend or wife this Christmas with a bottle of this, and she may have a Beach Blazer waiting for you.

Available from ($135)

Something more contemporary with a very feminine scent is “J’dore” by Dior. The perfect smell to wake up to on your Yacht after having spent the previous day at Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez, this fragrance will have you following her from beach club to beach club.

Available from ($185)

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