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209 Mare Christmas Gift Guide: Beachwear Essentials

Wednesday 13th December 2017


Make a statement of thoughtfulness and style this holiday season. Whether you are going to splurge on yourself or gift a loved one, make sure you keep it stylish. Here is a guide of 209 Mare endorsed products that will make you stand out even in the most selective of crowds so that you can continue to Break The Rules In Style


The Valentino Neon Orange Striped Weekender is perfect for a three-day getaway. Its leather exterior is sturdy enough to keep your belongings in check in midst of a rough tender ride across choppy waters, while making a powerful fashion statement. (€1980)

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Duke and Dexter loafers are the new standard for creative and quality footwear for men seeking edgy slippers. Try these Storm Trooper Camo Slippers and make a statement. (€274)

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Limited Edition Steve McQueen Persol Shades (PO0714SM) are foldable and polarized. If they were good enough for the King of Cool, they should be sufficiently stylish for any man. (€370)

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When at the pool, make sure to wear a pair of our Italian made nylon 209 Swim Shorts. Italian tailoring will highlight any man’s physique making you as flattering as possible. The details of these bad boys scream minimalistic understated luxury through and through – from the chromed trims, and the imported mother-of-pearl buttons imported from Tahiti, to the embroidered water-resistant pouch they are delivered in. Essential to any fashionista who values quality and functionality. (€155-€175)

See our entire 209 Swim Short Collection and treat yourself for Christmas

Last, but certainly not least, and not to be left off of any Beachwear essentials guide, our signature 209 Beach Blazer! Our Beach Blazer embraces our philosophy of redefining men’s luxury beachwear by elevating to new levels of elegance and luxury. Lined with cashmere-soft bamboo toweling material you can go from beach to beach club without missing a beat. Thanks to its shawl collar made with water-repellent velvet you can stand out at the beach among a sea of turtle-printed swim shorts. Think of it like a tux you can wear shirtless at the beach – exactly what James Bond would wear 😉 (€345 – ships worldwide)

Check out our 209 Beach Blazer Collection and embrace your inner Gent at the Beach


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