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Pool attire

You value respectability. You take pride in your appearance. You’re a trendsetter, an innovator, a rule breaker. Redefine sartorial traditions this year with an image that gets people talking. Make a splash at the world’s most exclusive pool clubs with 209 Mare, the latest name in men’s luxury fashion. Art deco-inspired, chic, classic, cool, 209 Mare attire carves a new route for luxurious poolside lounging.

The 209 blazer announces your arrival with emphasis. Emerge from the pool and slip into something both practical and fashionable. Fine details discern your look from all others: mother of pearl, monogrammed buttons; water-, sun- and wrinkle-resistant; and surgeon’s cuffs for summer comfort. The 209 blazer’s interior is crafted from bamboo terry toweling to optimize water absorption and cleanliness. Cocktail in hand, flawless in appearance, go from water to lunch without missing a beat.

Monochromatic to accent a high level of detailing, the 209 swim shorts are unusually comfortable, uniquely elegant and incomparably decadent. Special French parachuting cord ties at the waist, ensuring quality and integrity. Chrome eyelets and other fine details underpin an art deco motif, which is enhanced by the label on the back of the shorts. Combine any pair of shorts with any blazer for an effortless sense of style. The tailoring of the blazer allows for a shorter and more elegant fit than a traditional bathrobe, and is complemented by the 209 swim shorts, which come in a specially designed waterproof pouch to store valuables at the pool or beach.

Handmade at a specially chosen atelier near Milano, 209 Mare clothing is elevating the traditions of men’s luxury beachwear. Like your expectations, only the best will do: only the finest materials are used in the production of 209 fineries. Invigorate your image; challenge convention.

If you’re going to break the rules, do it in style. #BTRIS

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