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209 Concept


209 Concept


209 Mare is putting the gentleman back on the beach by elevating men’s beachwear to a new level of elegance and luxury. Unseen since the Art Deco Era of the French Riviera in the 1920’s, when going to the beach was an exclusive affair reserved only for the most distinguished of people, 209 Mare stands to revive the heritage of luxury beachwear in design and purpose. 209 Mare is redefining what it means to be a gentleman not just by attire, but also by attitude.

209 Mare stands for breaking the rules in style. We believe that a man has more character when he plays by his own rules and is a maverick in the life he leads.

Our signature product, the 209 Beach Blazer, embodies this philosophy. A fashion statement unseen before, it stands in a category of its own. The 209 Beach Blazer was conceived to allow you to break the rules in style from dusk to dawn whether on your yacht, by the pool, or at the beach club. Lined with bamboo fiber, the cashmere of towels, the 209 Beach Blazer allows you to dry yourself off after a dip in the ocean so that you can go from beach to beach club in a beat. Our 209 Beach Blazer brings back the gentleman to the beach with style and attitude unlike anything seen before.


At 209 Mare we seek to challenge and redefine the rules in men’s beachwear. 209 Mare stands for men that create their own destiny, for those that are willing to lead, not follow, and dare to be bold.

We are Breaking The Rules In Style.


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